Who we are

The IART works with career oriented personal trainers who are, or desire to be, leaders in their fitness profession.  We are a bridge between the certified personal trainer and the professional trainer that is adding value to people’s lives and making a difference.

Our vision is to be a fitness education company that helps develop prominent fitness professionals that will affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by teaching them how to make a fit and healthy lifestyle easily attainable.

What we do

To get an edge in the fitness marketplace takes not only knowledge and skill, but a framework for applying it that will change the way you are viewed by those in search of personal training services.  We help forward thinking, career oriented personal trainers and owners of personal training businesses widen the gap between themselves and others so they can attract and retain more clients and grow their business.

When it comes to “higher education” that has real world practical value there are few options for personal trainers.   The IART has developed a curriculum that will improve the critical thinking and skill set of the most seasoned fitness professional through  intensive study and practice.  We teach methods for fine-tuning individual programs based on needs, goals, abilities, limitations, and tolerance to exercise stress, so that optimal results can be produced.  

Using the technical and practical information from our curriculum and educational resources we help trainers take the next step and create a  structure for their business that reflects their ideals, appeals to others, affects lives, and is profitable.

How we do it

We give personal trainers and owners of fitness businesses the option of working with us in three (3) different ways, all with a focus on developing solutions to lessen and then eliminate the gaps that impede progress or prevent major breakthroughs.  This is done through a process in which together we focus on “The 3 A’s”

Absorb the information and develop an understanding of how it can be practically applied.

Apply it in a practical setting, measure the impact, and identify ways to make it better.

Amplify the results by refining your technical and practical knowledge.


Ways to work with us!

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