Are you interested in getting in shape, losing weight and gaining muscle; exercising, eating right and being healthy? Are you interested in teaching others how? Physical fitness is priceless and should be sought and taught with enthusiasm and a curious and serious mind. Fitness is more than a playful pursuit, a hobby, a trend or an attractive body; it’s a reflection of a responsible and caring person who values life and is eager to support it. Seeking and maintaining fitness is a rewarding and pleasurable style of living.

I recognize the need for sound instruction in the various aspects of training and nutrition and recommend quality assistance. Beware, help is everywhere and is often a hindrance; ignorance and inexperience by a questionable trainer can be passed on in the form of slow progress, poor habits, injury and disappointment. Personal training, along with the entire exercise field, has become big business. Should you choose to become a part of the growing number of personal trainers on the training landscape, be wise, be responsible, be the best. You and your clients cannot afford anything less. The one personal trainer certification that guarantees complete trainer knowledge, understanding and performance is I.A.R.T. International Association of Resistance Trainers. It’s the special ops forces of the physical fitness world. Twelve-week comprehensive hands-on case study workups and rigid testing turn out some of the best instructors on the gym floor. No weekend warriors, this passionate group.

Dave Draper
Mr. Universe

“As a sport scientist I am very pleased to be associated with the I.A.R.T. I am extremely impressed by the rigorous nature of its certification courses and the scrupulously objective, scientifically-based approach the organization takes to resistance training. This is particularly impressive when one considers the unscientific misinformation handed out by so many certification companies”.
Dave Smith Ph.D., Lecturer in Sport Psychology, Chester College, UK
If you are interested in becoming a certified trainer utilizing a sane, safe and rational approach to exercise, call the I.A.R.T. Brian Johnston’s work is certainly unique in the field of exercise science for, unlike the average exercise scientist with a Ph.D., he clearly possesses a broad conceptual grasp and deep intellectual understanding of all the fundamental issues (and many of the important derivative aspects) of exercise science.

Mike Mentzer, Mr. Universe

“When looking for a certification, it’s important to find a quality course that’s both practical and meaningful. Since the IART certification primarily involves in-field assignments, the student can take fitness theory and put it into practice. And unlike other organizations, the IART doesn’t espouse a particular training philosophy that pigeon-holes the instructor; instead, the IART endorses a generalized philosophy that encourages its students and instructors to discover what’s ideal for the client in question. So it’s not a matter of “high-intensity training” or “high-volume training” but, rather, determining the appropriate measure of exercise stimulus that’s necessary to produce the greatest benefit. And because of the clinical direction taken by the IART with its client case study development, maintenance and accountability this course is applicable to increase the skills and problem-solving ability of those already certified and who have been working in the field for many years. Hands down, this is the most comprehensive personal trainer fitness certification in existence.”

Matt Brzycki
Coordinator of Recreational Fitness and Wellness Programs
Princeton University

“Brian Johnston and the IART have created a most thorough and comprehensive curriculum for the training of fitness professionals. The educational material is scientifically sound and proven in practice, the substance of which of is integrated in professionalism and ethics. Mastery of the material will set a solid foundation for any person wishing to enter the field.”

Michael Bradley
Florida State University
Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach

“The I.A.R.T. and it’s certification procedures are state-of-the-art. In a world replete with so many fitness organizations and certifying methods, it’s refreshing to see one based on valid scientific research, comprehensiveness, and realistic implementation. Although thorough and highly technical (which in truth it should be relative to all the fads, fallacies, and half-truths that exist in the fitness industry), those who accept the challenge and adhere to the principles of the organization and its certification standards will be in an elite class of fitness professionals.”

Tom Kelso, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Saint Louis University

“Brian D. Johnston confronts all of the major controversies and issues with scientifically-based rationale and brutal honesty.”

Ken Mannie, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Michigan State University

“I believe your program is simply the best bar none. I’m a six figure income trainer for a long time now and being involved with the IART has been invaluable for raising the bar on my personal standards.”

Lester Ware

“Your logical approach to training is far superior to anything or anybody I have seen in this field, including when I was in college. I am thankful I learned about the IART; you have helped me to be a better professional.”

Jay Garrison

“IART meticulously expounds on the basic principles as no other source of information I have been exposed to before ­ and in a way that they need to be integrated, measured and continuously adjusted so that you can be assured of a successful exercise program, resulting in increased strength and muscle growth on a continuous basis. I believe a big strength of the IART is in laying a foundation of knowledge and program design that is based on measurable and documentable progress, not “hit and miss”, or “shot in the dark” training methods which are currently saturating the field. By being able to substantiate, articulate, and educate others on these training principles, IART instructors and/or practitioners can have the confidence in duplicating degrees of success for all, as opposed to the pathetic hit-and-miss successes that most trainers and programs fail at miserably.

“As a personal trainer, I know that people will tend to have more in common than they do differences but, as trainers, we do a disservice if we fail to assess and design programming based on what we know to be any unique qualities for each person. I think this is another great strength of Prescribed Exercise / IART, assessment and programming that isn’t just a “cookie cutter” approach, but rather thorough and personalized for each individual. I.A.R.T.’s Prescribed Exercise™ requires a paradigm shift for many people to begin to understand. The aspects of fine-tuning and customizing, for the sake of optimum progress, escapes most peoples thinking. This is where the work comes in. This is where IART separates itself from the pack. People need to want to master effective (and individualistic) training in order to commit to practicing and mastering Prescribed Exercise™.”

Brian Erickson, EAS Transformation Finalist & Personal Trainer of the Year 2000

“IART has helped me apply a more real world approach to training. Book knowledge is one thing but applied is totally different. We plan on having all our fitness clinicians get your IART and MedX certifications.”

Tom Sliney, Bend, Oregon

“Just a few words about the IART certification: Never in all my years of training (28) have I read information this superior. Your point of view is reasonable and scientific. In the wide arena of the so- called trainers there is only commercial interests and lies. However, IART is by far the most complete contribution to the science of muscle-building — there is no place for “rinomanoids” (drug users) and magicians. Congratulations for the excellence of the work. Also, after reading “Exercise Protocol,” it is very difficult to digest the “Muscle magazines” with all their garbage inside. I am going to do my best in the exam.”

Prof. Eduardo Basurto Carbonell

“I have been a student of physique enhancement for over twenty-years and have not come across the intensity and breadth of material found in all of the I-A-R-T publications, videos and courses. Brian Johnston’s work is the best there is at breaking training down to the core principles then eloquently piecing it together for applications in the real world. The underlying logic is so refreshing and “with it” that it should be considered mandatory learning to maximize client potential and enjoy financial success as a fitness professional.”

Vincent S. Andrich, Contributing Writer, EAS Supplement Review, 4th Ed.

I appreciate your organization for its logical approach as well as sensible training system. Your materials always give me something to think about and apply practically. I respect your high standards and I wish you great success!

Jay Garrison

The certification experience has opened my eyes in many ways and has taught me to approach both training and “claim evaluation” from a more logical, no nonsense position. In a world filled with so much bogus and contradictory information pertaining to exercise and nutrition, the benefit from such study is immeasurable. I sincerely appreciate the I.A.R.T.’s efforts. Maybe some day everyone will see through the haze of misinformation and train smarter. This may be a dream, but each person saved along the way is a tremendous accomplishment. Keep up the good work!

Kevin McKee

I wanted to let you know how truly motivational I am by what the I.A.R.T. is doing. Myself and my wife, Marianne, have been working with one of your instructors, Gus Diamantopoulos, for 8 weeks. After our son was born (2.5 years ago), Marianne had problems with getting back into shape and losing weight which caused problems with her self-confidence and initially took its toll on our relationship. Despite our best efforts to have her diet, join a gym and go to frequent aerobic classes, she still could not get back to her desired state. I met Gus through a friend who is being trained by Gus right now. That was eight weeks ago and the results are phenomenal. My wife went to buy a dress for my work’s Christmas party and was able to fit comfortably into a size 4. THAT’S 4 SIZES LESS THAN SHE WAS EXPECTING. She looks fantastic and, more important, she feels great about herself. Gus has applied the fundamentals of your course and made adjustments along the way, and the results are incredible. Again, I just want to say thanks for the work you are doing; it means more to me than you may know. Actually, I am thinking about taking your course myself!

Mike Barnes

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the I.A.R.T. for providing such extremely valuable tools for learning exercise science. I love weight training with a passion that is shared with few people, and your courses have helped to translate this emotion into knowable principles. For this I owe you a debt which I will probably never be able to repay.

Daniel W. Nolin

I am in great debt to the I.A.R.T for the knowledge I have learned. It was no easy task to accomplish the exam. I have learned a great deal (more in the past eight months than I have in the twelve years of my career). I realize that I can make more of a difference. I can critique articles on fitness in ways I could never before. I can develop programs based on individualism and cater more to a client’s needs emotionally and physically. I know that exercise must be prescribed just as medication would. I know that the principles of exercise strain have to be regulated as well. I again thank you for a new future in the fitness industry.

Craig Murway

Throughout an individual’s life, there are few stages, periods or encounters with extraordinary people that causes an individual to change for the better. This is one of them. Thank you.

Patrice Beliveau

I wanted to tell you how the I.A.R.T. books have influenced my girlfriend’s and my own work. My girlfriend just finished working on her diploma. She is studying music (classical piano) and is employed as a professional teacher. Her diploma work is basically a theory of teaching; a didactic work. As a matter of fact, in terms of structure and ideas, her work was inspired by I.A.R.T. books, particularly the Theory of Prescribed Exercise. A lot of key ideas (like the principles of intensity, volume, etc.) could be converted to the field of teaching. Further, the I.A.R.T.’s ideas on cycling and building proper routines also are helpful in designing practice schedules for her pupils. Again, the ideas of evaluating performance of the students’ works in music are similar as they are in weight training. Keep up the good work.

Christian Saueressig

It was an amazing discovery for me to log on to your site. The quality of articles, the ideas discussed, and the disregard for false practices were truly an eye opener. I am an ISSA certified Fitness Trainer (unfortunately, I fell for the “practical achievements” of the Directors). At that point I lost faith in certification and the kind of money I needed to pay for it. Further, I feel ashamed to state that during the preparation of a lot of my clients (I coached a few international level tennis players from India), I used dangerous methods such as ballistic training, resistance band training and even so-called “speed-strength” training, without realizing the futility. Now I use your teachings to understand how to prepare athletes in general and to allow sport specifics to take care of itself without complicating the manner in which this is done, like some Mystic from Mars (we have a lot of them in India, by the way). Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Shama Rao

I asked myself how could I become the best trainer out there? I do not want to take advantage of people. People are there to be serviced and like me, expect results and honesty. I want to help people create a sense of true value and health while promoting a logical and objective understanding in all aspects in their lives. My goal is to become the most knowledgeable and honest trainer. By searching on the internet for fitness certification agencies I found the most popular ones: NSCA, IDEA Foundation, ACE and the ISSA. I requested some information from the ISSA because some of their chair board members are retired professional bodybuilders. Once again, I thought that because some of their chair members had been “celebrities” in the bodybuilding game they would hold all the knowledge. And then it struck me: these people were the same that had been featured in those muscle building publications! Forget it! A few weeks later, as I continued with my research I found the I.A.R.T. and I became convinced that reason and logic was the answer to understanding what strength training was really about.

Becoming a member of this organization was undoubtedly the best decision I ever made. Throughout the past 16 weeks I was exposed to sound scientific principles that have existed hundreds of years as well as an objective view and application of such concepts that create a clear and exact view of what exercise science really is. Today, in the dawn of the 21st. century, the majority of exercise certification organizations as well a great number of exercise professionals remain prisoners of their own mediocrity because they consciously or unconsciously refuse to understand and apply rational medical knowledge while utilizing Aristotelian logic as a way to prove the validity or falsehood of their methods.

Much work remains to be done in order to clarify all the confusion that has been perpetuated by decades of ignorance and of a lack of logical analysis in the field of exercise science. As members of the IART I believe that every individual that we come in contact with, whether or not he or she is a client, becomes a far reaching voice that in time will prove the truth of what exercise science really is and will show the importance of reviving Aristotelian Logic in our world as well as having an objective view of their lives and of our personal ethics with the purpose of liberating the true potential of humanity.

Quintín Bulnes
Scottsdale, Arizona 2003

The various case study questions alone have been a blast, and I learned more about analyzing the routines provided than I have in my exercise physiology class this semester.

Seth Spaner

To anyone who is researching which certification is the most worthwhile, the most educational, or the most challenging.look no further. I’ve done the research for you. I’ve had packages delivered to my door from A.C.E., the NSCA, and the NCSF. I’ve had the ISSA offer to throw in a free CD and a $50 rebate if I “joined today”. The I.A.R.T. earned my respect with Brian Johnston’s down-to-earth intelligence and professionalism. He is a leader in the industry and does not settle for anything that falls below his high expectations. His dedication towards creating and maintaining the I.A.R.T. is admirable and reassuring. Prepare to embark on a journey that will educate, empower, and strengthen your muscles as well as your spirit. And learn what it means to truly EARN your certification.

Kim De Lutis, CEI, Littleton, NH

“What a great opportunity it has been to take and complete the level 1 course. After 5 years of university education that i now hardly remember, my faith has been renewed in the possibility of rational and meaningful education.I will be signing up for the nutritional advisor certification. Thank you. Sincerely,”

Moosa Alissa

“This is a testimonial from a guy who has been lifting weights for 40 years. I have a Masters degree in education and certifications from two other fitness organizations. Very few learning experiences I’ve ever had compare to my IART certification. The study materials are based on science, logic and hard-won experience instead of on the rigid traditions or trendy fads that other courses rely on. Throughout, there is an emphasis on not only the science of training, but also on the art of applying the science and adapting it to reflect the needs, goals, and limitations of the trainee. Those seeking cookie-cutter answers need not apply!

The actual exam was as demanding as any college course I’ve taken, but with a few significant differences. First, you’ll need to construct practical applications of your new-found knowledge; just parroting it back isn’t good enough. Second, when you do go astray, the author of the textbook,Brian Johnston, is going to lead you back to the right path. I’m talking about multiple pages of detailed commentary, not just a few scribbled notes.

“My guess is that many of you are considering IART certification to improve your skills at one-on-one personal training. Well, this is truly a one-on-one learning experience. I encourage you to go for it. Sincerely,”

Rex Baird

“As a sport scientist I am very pleased to be associated with the I.A.R.T. I am extremely impressed by the rigorous nature of its certification courses and the scrupulously objective, scientifically-based approach the organization takes to resistance training. This is particularly impressive when one considers the unscientific misinformation handed out by so many certification companies”.

Dave Smith Ph.D.
Lecturer in Sport Psychology
Chester College, UK

“I have really enjoyed the process of attaining my level 1 certification and would recommend it highly to all other personal trainers and prospective personal trainers. When writing my own and my clients programs now, I am far more rigorous and demanding of myself. It is the process of truly thinking for oneself in regards to exercise prescription that is the most valuable asset of the IART qualification. I will definitely be taking level II.”

Simon Shawcross

“I am very impressed with the swiftness in the reply and also the information that your books and your site hold. The information I have learned from these sources have taken my knowledge of proper exercise application to a new level and have even led me to dabble in philosophy. This in turn has caused me to question many other areas of life and not simply take an individuals word for it, so to speak. For this, I must take the time to thank you and the IART for making this possible.”

Daniel Dorn

“I am very happy! With Super Slow, I would reach a wall or plateau that seemed impossible to break through. The lack of flexibility in the training method left both Tim (a past SS instructor) and me frustrated with what to do next. So, we would maintain the same regimen ignoring the plateau, the frustration and the staleness that the training failed to address. Finally, I would overtrain, regress and have to start again to build myself up. This was not only physically tough but it was also a mental nightmare. The only thing that kept me going was that I remembered the marshmallow that I was – totally unfit, no energy and a painful lower back. My thought was if I could eat more and better, I could increase my TUL and intensity. So, I was never happy with my appearance. I maintained a high body fat % – over 20% at a weight of 215lbs. This is on a frame best suited to endurance work as I was a 160lb. runner in college and the military.

“Now, with Prescribed Exercise, I am a new person. First, I now realize that genetics, age, motivation, etc all play a role in the results I can expect. The IART has taught me to look at what is realistic and obtainable and feel good about it. I have stopped “overeating”. Now, I am a much leaner 190lbs with a fat % under 15. I look and feel better and understand how to get even better results. Tim changes my training program regularly and I do not get stale. We add intensity variables that help me achieve a much better muscular inroad than I ever received with SS. I have stopped the seesawing performance that frustrated me. I am making slow but steady gains in my strength. This single statement is phenomenal! I am 47 years old with above average stress in my life. I have trained diligently with SS for over three years and in less than one year with prescribed exercise I am on a positive trend. But what really excites me is the knowledge that there now are answers to my questions and concerns about potential and progress. The ‘what, when, why and how’ aren’t mysteries no longer that cause doubt and frustrations. I don’t even ask Tim what the weight or TUL was any more. I KNOW I am improving! I can feel and SEE it.”

Rob Christie, I.A.R.T. student

“Before I became a student of the I.A.R.T. I already had done some other educations in my life. Some of them were somewhat related to training and sports, such as a sport physiotherapist education which was held by two renowned (Austrian) sport scientists (and terrible in quality) and several massage educations. Some were unrelated such as an (only half finished) university study. But all those educations had several things in common: they were all poor to moderate in quality, they were bad structured (or had no structure at all), the emphasis (of the students as well as of the teachers) was on passing not knowledge, and the teachings were full of contradictions (at least what I perceived as contradictions)… and when pointing them out one was met with cynicism (‘life is full of contradictions young man, better get used to it’).
“So I am quite critical when it comes to education, but I was enthusiastic about the I.A.R.T. from the first book I received (and have never been let down since). Their courses differ from every other education and school I experienced in all essential points. The material excels by an extremely well thought out structure in which all the different pieces of information are integrated and related to each other. The emphasis is clearly on knowledge and not passing — and the service is something I never experienced before… the president of the organization answers all your questions personally and extensively until everything is understood. But the most important thing for me is the competitive edge I got by doing the I.A.R.T. courses.”

Markus Baumann, CEI, CNA

“Just a quick note to let you know I received the level 1 certification in the mail early last week. Great stuff and I’m looking forward to implementing it into my own training. I’m coming off of an extended layoff of about 8 months. This information does integrate well with my past training experiences as I think back on it. I have trained high volume in the past and made (poor) progress, usually ending up getting run down and sometimes sick. I believe that part of the draw toward this type of training is that once bitten by the iron bug, working out can become psychologically and physically addicting. I think this leads a lot of us down the wrong road, reinforced by all the magazines, hype and bogus info out there. That’s all for now… thanks for bringing this information to light for all of us out there. Respectfully,”

Rich Wilson, Florida USA.

“Brian Johnston: I have read over your web site thoroughly. I remember your name on many of the best-written articles I’ve read. I am a personal trainer and owner of a training business/facility. I have over 16 years experience in this field. It is quite refreshing to finally read a”curriculum” for resistance training that is neither “hit and miss” or some kind of “religion”. Most of the material I’ve read to this point by you almost models my training notes over the years. I am certainly very interested in your certification course as I am only “humored” with the other “more popular” organizations out there. I have purposely separated myself from those guys as I feel most hypocritical taking part in what I KNOW to be nothing but”pseudo-science”. I use what gets results in the most efficient and safe way. And, that is very much in line with YOUR teaching. Thank you and I look forward to continuing fellowship. In Divine Health,”

Vince McConnell
Eternally Transformed Fitness Enterprises, Inc.
Fairhope, Alabama

“I have to say that the information is outstanding. It is the only exam that I have written that I actually enjoyed. Not only do I now know what to do, but also I know why I should do it. It is said that it takes 30 years for a revolution to be fully realized. It took that long for the women’s rights movement and the racial equality movement. If you consider that Arthur Jones started the HIT movement in the ’70s, then I think the truth about exercise is poised for a real breakthrough and full acceptance. I see the I.A.R.T. leading the way. Many other organizations and individuals have part of the truth, but the I.A.R.T. is the only one to have the total package. I appreciate being a member.”

Abraham Cartland

“The IART helps a person (me) to realize that the trainer must be accountable for all their actions and to give reasons for those actions. The IART is not a “cookie cutter” type of certification. The exam is made to make a person think about “WHY” things are done.”

Kurt Cannata, CEI

“Just to let you know… filming workouts (as you recommend) has been extremely valuable to me. I am learning a lot by watching myself and my clients and then comparing it to the I.A.R.T. standards. I always find something I missed like a client improperly picking up the weight off the floor or getting that little rebound at the bottom of their last rep. It’s the finer points of instruction that have began to set me apart from other people and trainers. I now see people checking me out as I go through the finer points of instruction. Your Praxis method is really a great idea. I get more comfortable each time I go through it. Its a great method of skill transference even in a busy gym.”

Aaron H. Williams

“The information dispensed by the IART has required me to think. With so many fitness certifying companies around it seems as though they all want you to simply regurgitate the same information. Yet none of these companies apparently care about the ability of their instructors to adequately assess and prescribe exercise in a manner that is in keeping with both the physiological and psychological factors that are unique to each individual.

“I chose the IART when I began to realize that I was simply trying to force my clients into prefabricated routines that may or may not have been working. At that point I was challenged by Brian Johnston to review the material that I was instructing and then those materials taught through the IART; it became clear that I had become more interested in espousing my opinion than the progress of my clientele.”

Tim Palmer, 1-2-1 Gym Owner

“If you are looking to just follow what is already in some books you can just quote a general amount of exercises. But if you want to get the best out of yourself and clients it requires the knowledge to know why and how. The I.A.R.T. exams will require the person to logically think about all items and then come up with rational conclusions.”

Ray Kilmer

“I purchase your products first and foremost because of the insight, experience, and honesty of what you communicate regarding your research on physical fitness and building lean muscle mass. I trust what you have to say and that you express what you have learned based on rational observation. It is not easy to find accurate and practical weight training information and I believe that IART is one of the best at filling this need.”

Dan Russell

“The I.A.R.T. allows me to further my knowledge of training,… most importantly, reading IART materials teaches me to THINK on my own,… instead of relying solely on other ” experts “, as it were.When I first read of the IART, it was immediately apparent that the philosophy therein were in a class all its own… which is why I wanted to be apart of your organization.”

Marc Robertson, CEI

“The greatest benefit I’ve derived from IART products is that I have gotten information that is not constrained by having to fit into any particular training/nutritional pigeonhole. I have chosen and will continue to choose the IART for that very reason. In the past I followed HIT consolidation training and became detrained. Before that, volume training had me overtrained. While in both factions (especially HIT) I felt stuck in an almost cult like atmosphere, afraid to experiment and find what works best for me. I chose the IART because it provides me tools and gives me the responsibility to find my own best path.”

Jeff Weissman, Lawyer

“After receiving my certification package, I couldn’t put the Prescribed Exercise manual down. The materials are excellent! Finally, real science! I sat for the ACE personal trainer exam a couple of months ago… I can’t believe I even paid money for their materials. I feel like it’s Christmas Day and I am about to open my presents. Thank you!”

Daniel Breen, CTEI

“I wanted to let you know what a fine job you are doing with the magazine, Exercise Protocol, as well as your books and web page. I have looked long and hard for a certification to compliment my M.S. degree and after seeing all of your quality products the choice was easy. You truly have a top notch organization. I am looking forward to the CRT certification program.”

Michael Shane Provstgaard, CTEI

“I feel the most important thing the IART does for me is give me logical and rational ­ as well as interesting and entertaining ­ reading material. I’m an avid reader and you can not find the quality literature that the IART offers in any other publication – especially the mainstream muscle rags. It also gives me new ideas to guide my training routines.

“After researching other certification courses, I decided that the IART best represented the way that I wanted to go with in regards to my training. I knew from past experience that more was definitely not better. With that knowledge, I realized that I needed to affiliate myself with an organization that also recognized that fact. The IART was very unique because they do not condone stupid practices that run rampant throughout the fitness industry.

“After completing the Level 1 certification course through the I.A.R.T, I can confidently say that the course is second to none. I was thoroughly impressed with the course materials, the excellent customer service, and genuine concern shown for its students’ success. ‘Prescribed Exercise’ is definitely the wave of the future for exercise science. And the future looks bright indeed – not only for the I.A.R.T, but for its students who put the course principles into action. Brian Johnston and the I.A.R.T advisory board have done a superb job in establishing this organization as the pinnacle of exercise science, and I look forward to continuing my education, and my relationship with this fine educational institute.”

Elijah McCaughen, CTEI

“Upon receiving and viewing the course materials, I must say as high as my expectations were, your course has far exceeded them. It’s also so inspiring to read articles (in Exercise Protocol) that don’t actually contradict other article in the same magazine. Equaling amazing is the fact that your readers’ letters display a level of knowledge infinitely greater than ‘gurus’, such as Dan Duchaine, etc.”

Frank Hurley

“I am currently studying and working on my I.A.R-.T. certification. I am truly happy with the quality of materials that where sent to me. Thank you for providing such clarity in a world of chaos.”

Joseph J. Martin

“I would like to say thank you very much for your excellent trainer’s certification program, which I believe is beyond comparison. I have found the information to be most stimulating and thought provoking. In fact, I have been totally overawed by the philosophical content. I am sure that in the very near future the exercise world will come to realize the true magnitude of (the I.A.R.T’s) brilliance and accuracy when it comes to the subject of anaerobic exercise.”

Michael Hoyle

“I have been studying exercise science in college for the past 3 years and been involved with it for most of life. I have heard everybody (college professors, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, bodybuilders, and the typical gymrats) claim to have the “so-called” answer to exercise. These claims range from “bogus” to down right “illogical”. The IART is leading the way in the terms of correctly describing the proper fundamentals of (anaerobic) exercise. This enables their students to optimally construct meaningful exercise prescriptions for their clients and enables them to logically think for themselves. The material that is involved is top notch. I can honestly say that the material I learned from the IART far exceeds that what I learned while studying exercise science in college. It enabled me to think both “rationally” and ‘logically’.”

Chuck Rainey, CEI

“Dear reader,
“If you are reading this you are probably considering earning a certification as a personal trainer. I admire you for that. You have most likely called different companies and checked out several websites on particular organizations that will accredit you. You have thought long and hard about this decision….I hope. Since you have done so much and put all this “thought” into it, doesn’t it make sense to go with the a company that will set you apart from all the rest? I mean, you can go with “this or that” certification because it’s “popular”, or well known, or whatever. Then you can say to your friends and others; “I’m a certified personal trainer, huh, huh, huh”!! You can spend all your hard earned training cash keeping up with the “Continuing Education Credits or Units” these other companies require of you each year. You can also pay “their” annual fee to retain “your good standing”. You can travel to here and there logging in hundreds of miles to take your exam of “multiple choice” questions etc. YES, you can do that! Or…..

“You can take an exam in the comfort of your own home in your own time frame that will test your practical and rational resistance training knowledge to the max, and it will send chills down your spine because you will understand the truth about anaerobic strength training for the first time in your life! And you won’t stick all your money into someone else’s pocket because it’s “required”. Yes, you can still say you are a “certified personal trainer”. Only now you will actually know something about resistance training! Your success in your training business will NOT be because of a particular certifying body. NO company can give you that guarantee. Hey Einstein, get with the program! Get with the I.A.R.T. You’ll be respected in the morning.”

Kurt Cannata, CEI

“One thing for sure is that the ideals of the I.A.R.T. and objectivism are confluent with my ideals. I am motivated to be I.A.R.T. qualified especially since there appears to be a good deal of support and goodwill amongst ‘colleagues’ – so very opposite to my current profession. Do you know that the I.A.R.T. appears to be a much more professional and organised body than my professional institution – The Institution of Civil Engineers (The oldest professional institution in Britain!?). I would like to commend you for your efforts which are very much appreciated.”

Tim Cutler

“This objective course requires the use of logic and reason for arriving at, and being able to explain the correct answers, rather than uncritical acceptance, ‘fill in the blanks’, memorization. All of the information is presented in a hierarchical fashion, starting with the fundamentals and building up to the derivatives – creating a harmony of knowledge. The absence of ambiguous fluff (that typically exists in other certification courses) is refreshing. Also the sections on logic, reason, and critical analysis are invaluable not only with training but in all aspects of life. Since becoming certified I am confident (and I truly believe) that I am the most knowledgeable trainer in Orange County! …Definitely worth it!”

David T. Smith, CEI

“If you’re looking for a comprehensive certification that is internationally recognized, then you can’t afford to miss out on what the I.A.R.T. is teaching.”

Robby Jewers, CEI and Canada Cup Competitor

“It seems clear to me that the I.A.R.T. is far ahead of any other certification instruction. I had read (and have since re-read) Prescribed Exercise, and yet the questions are very challenging. There really isn’t any room for memorization, except for broad principles. If a trainer (or one seeking to become a trainer) diligently applies him/herself to this program, they will not only have a good working knowledge of the muscular system, program components, etc., but they will be able to think for themselves with regard to how best to apply that knowledge. Further, the improvements made in all I.A.R.T. publications, and in the exam itself, since I received my materials in February 1999 are incredible.

“A couple of concrete examples back this up. I’ve been speaking with a few people lately about studying to get certified, my plans and goals for my training career, etc. The first question I was asked was, “Why do you need to study”? As I began to explain what is involved with the exam, the next question was, “Why do you need to know all that stuff to be a trainer”? At that point, I realized what people think of trainers in general. I explained the basics of the theory of Prescribed Exercise, at which point two people just looked at me, somewhat in disbelief. They talked over each other, each saying that all the trainers they know basically stand around, look at the women, give a spot occasionally, and offer some lame encouragement (e.g., “two more!”). I explained why I (and other I.A.R.T. trainers) am different. One of them asked me to train him immediately, and the other is looking to start soon. The idea that I would keep records of their training, and “do my homework” to keep them progressing, amazed them.”

Mark Love

“I recently applied the knowledge and logic learned from the I.A.R.T. to land a part time fitness trainer position. That may not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. It is my first step towards a career change. I am fortunate to be working in an elite fitness center that shares our training philosophy, and has four full Med-X circuits. I plan to use the extra money I will be making to become certified by the I.A.R.T. After only 45 days I feel I am on the right track, this is an enjoyable profession. I thank you for having an impact on my life.”

Robb Macdonald

“The Level I test is not easy. You cannot just open the study guide and copy the answers. One must understand the material to answer the questions logically. As an IART student with considerably more experience than most trainers, let alone HIT experience, the test still was not easy. It’s not a matter of only knowing what intensity, volume, frequency, overload, and SAID principles are. You need to understand them and use them logically. Experienced HIT practitioners and novices to HIT will find the test quite demanding. Anyone that takes the test and passes will know that they earned it.”

Charles Coulter

“Before receiving the I.A.R.T. course materials I thought that I knew everything there was to know about weight training. Was I ever wrong! In the time I’ve been involved with the I.A.R.T. I’ve gained more useful, productive knowledge than the muscle magazines ever taught me in my previous 7 1/2 years of training. I’ve been rewarded with a better physique, better performance in the gym, and a greater ability to help others with their training. If you want to feel truly qualified as a personal trainer, or would just like to improve upon your own progress, I would highly recommend the I.A.R.T. course materials.”

Chris Hostler, CEI

Dear I.A.R.T.

“I wanted to take the time to write this letter to let you know what an entertaining time I am having studying your course materials. The manuals are very well written, and are a pleasure to read. It’s progressive reading, each fact building upon the next. The topics in the manuals are very precise and easy to understand. I am looking forward to learning and understanding all the materials in the manuals from cover to cover. I thank you for putting out such interesting and high quality study materials. It’s hard to put them down once you get started reading them. Keep up the great work!”

Pedro Morales