1. What is the IART all about and why should I take one of your personal training courses?The International Association of Resistance Trainers, is an advanced exercise education and personal training certification company for career oriented personal trainers and leaders of independent fitness businesses. We are not a typical “certification” company. Our courses have been compared to post-secondary studies in their intensity and complexity and are best suited for individuals that have in-field experience.We have developed a three-tier examination process:

* After studying our education materials, you must complete two standardized multiple-choice exams (general fitness theory and special groups).

* Upon completing the first step, you will undergo a written exam and assignments to be completed in a designated time.

* Upon successfully completing the written portion of the exam you will then proceed to the practical exam where you are asked to demonstrate your ability to instruct a subject on proper exercise technique and execution (the exam is conducted via video submission or on-site at our facility or at one of our live events).

We do not pass or fail students based on a percentage score.  Instead we work with our students until all course work is completed up to our standards and is fully comprehended.


2. What is the IART’s philosophy in regard to exercise?

The IART believes that a person should perform the least amount of exercise necessary to produce an optimum response relative to his/her individual needs, goals, abilities, limitations and preferences.


3. I’m interested in some of your course materials, but I don’t want to take the exam or pay for the whole course.

No problem. Our materials are available separately; visit our our membership site: https://exerciseeducation.customerhub.net to get FREE book excerpts and purchase individual titles.  There is no fee to register for our membership site.


4. I already have some of the materials and want to take one of your fitness exams. Do I have to buy those materials again?

Generally, no. We do suggest, however, that if you own a relatively old edition of the materials to upgrade since some exam questions may pertain to newly-established research and facts. If this is the case, we will provide you new materials at a substantial discount (our cost). Otherwise, when you order, simply tell us what you own and we will apply an appropriate discount to the total amount. As well, if you own the Fitness Science Library, then you are fully up to date in regard to the quality of our materials.


5. You have three levels of fitness certification (Fitness Clinician I & II and Master Fitness Clinician). What is each about and where should I begin?

We have three levels of certification, depending on how far you wish to take the profession and how hard a challenge you prefer and your current level of experience. The Fitness Clinician Level I course is our entry level certification. The examination process consists of a 150 question multiple choice exam as well as a written exam with questions designed to test the instructors competency in prescribing the appropriate exercise and nutrition program for various individuals. Additionally there is a practical portion of this exam to test the student’s ability to demonstrate and teach proper exercise technique and implement this into an actual workout.

The Level II course involves the same testing procedures as the Level I course but also involves a Case Study project as well as a Writing Assignment dealing with Injury Prevention.

Our Master Fitness Clinician course pulls out all the stops and requires an additional case study of a particular nature, much more thorough application of training prescription, more experiments and in-field assignments, and a practical that is more complex. Further, there is more extensive application of nutrition and injury prevention studies. If you’re looking for the ultimate challenge, this is the course!

If you complete Level I or II and move to our Master level, you receive a discount since you own some of the materials and have completed some assignments that carry over to the higher level.


6. How long will it take to get started from the time of purchase? I’m in a hurry to get started.

Upon making your purchase online you will be directed to our password protected membership site where all materials can be downloaded immediately (there are no physical materials all books are provided in e-book format).


7. How long are your certification courses?

Our certification courses can take 6-15 months to complete depending upon which you start with and whether you are already familiar with our educational resources. If you are looking for a “fast” certification this is not it.  We are providing a higher education experience for personal trainers that are serious about the profession and developing their craft.

If you are unable to complete the course work in the given time frame you may purchase a 3 months extension.


8. Do you conduct on-site testing for your fitness certifications?

Yes we do, at our New York headquarters and select live seminars and workshops.


9. What passing grade do I need to obtain my personal training certification?

There is no passing grade and there is no failing grade. You will be required to complete all assignments to our standards.   We will provide you feedback on each assignment, and indicate what areas/questions you need to do further work on, and provide you guidance and assistance to steer you in the right direction and assure that you fully comprehend the information.


10. Once certified do I have to spend hundreds of dollars and travel for continuing education credits?

No, but you will required to complete a written assignment or submit an article for publication every 2 years based on current IART curriculum. Renewal of your certification incurs a fee of $180.



11. What do I get for my annual membership participation?

You receive a new certificate (extending your credentials for an additional year) and free internet listing as a featured instructor.


12. Is the IART an accredited personal training organization?

As previously mentioned, the IART is an advanced exercise education company first and a certification company second.  We are focused on enhancing your knowledge, skills and abilities to make you a leader in the fitness profession.  That said, we are not an accredited organization though our certification is recognized by most fitness clubs due to the quality and depth of our course work.

You should understand that “accreditation” is nothing more than an assessment of an organization’s business, administration, and examination practices to determine that they are devoid of physical, racial, or socioeconomic discrimination. Accreditation does not mean that the information provided or taught by the organization is accurate or true. Many of the most well known accredited and “respected” personal training certification companies routinely provide misinformation.