Why us

The first thing that you will notice on this website is that we treat personal trainers as professionals. This means that these individuals are constantly learning. We truly believe in the value of continuing education.

Nobody's being benefitted if the knowledge you have is 20 years old. You're creating more problems than you are solving if you try to teach people with outdated, obsolete or even dangerous information. So we focus on continuous education so personal trainers' skill sets are updated.

It's really hard to generate sales and subscriptions with old information. People will be able to see right through you. People will not want to do any business with you. In fact, people might even be tempted to call the authorities on you. That's bad news. Instead, we teach you how to get your skills up to speed.

We have all sorts of modules that you only need to sit down and pay attention to for you to get up to speed. We have worksheets, we have pre-recorded videos, we have all sorts of booklets. And the best part? All these materials are written in plain English.

We know that you, like most other people who use the internet regularly, have short attention spans. We don't pander to you. We don't expect impossible things from you. You're just like everybody else. Accordingly, our materials are formatted so that regardless of how much time you have available, you can quickly get to the point and move on to the next educational modules. Quick and easy.

This stuff is not like pulling teeth. This stuff is not like going back to school or going to medical school. You can watch a video in as quickly as two minutes and get all the information you need to fill out a checklist and go through an interactive test. That's how responsive and results-oriented our materials are.

We don't believe in theory. Instead, we believe in theory applied to reality. In other words, we believe in practical results.

Next, we teach you how to manage your business. Business management actually has many different levels. We step you through how to package your services, how to create a professional personal trainer brand in your local area, and most importantly, how to market yourself.

This is crucial because in the age of social media, you cannot be a wallflower. You may have all the most amazing information in the world and you may be able to take people from zero to hero in no time flat, but if nobody hears about you, you're going to suffer. You're going to starve.

Do yourself a big favor, pay attention to our modules because we can take you from somebody who's just wet behind the ears and who recently got their certification to somebody who's making real money.

Believe it or not, people can make real money as personal trainers. Now, that idea may be shocking to you right now because you probably know many personal trainers that are not making any money. Well, let me tell you, that's on them.

The reason why they're suffering and the reason why they're struggling is because they did not bother to learn what they need to learn to take their practice to the next level. Being a professional personal trainer has always been a business. If you treat what you do as a business, you will be richly rewarded.

Now, please understand that the information we present here is not going to change your life overnight. This is not some sort get rich quick scheme. This is not some sort of instant wealth program. Instead, you learn the basic fundamentals of setting up your personal trainer practice as a business.

Learn how to manage it as a business and you will be able to earn your full potential.